Amy Wilson - Boilermaker Charity Bib Page

July 13th, 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Sometimes I find myself saying, “What am I thinking?! Who wants to run a 15k in the hot month of July, with hills? Am I really doing this?” And the answer is always “yes.”

I don’t have a specific reason why I started running. I think part of it was because some of my friends were running different races and I couldn’t really see myself going out there and doing something that seemed so intimidating, yet empowering and impressive.

I just kind of started. I got a pair of running shoes. I ran. I talked to friends about how they train. I did a lot of searches on google. I doubted myself several times. But I kept going. My first major race was being part of a relay team in the Empire State Marathon. I was nervous. I didn’t want to let my team down. Or let myself down. I didn’t want to have to walk. I ran the second leg. I didn’t walk. I didn’t let my team down. I didn’t let myself down. Instead, I completely surprised myself. And I wanted to do more races.

By July I’ll have run in about four other races since the marathon. Now I could say I have two main reasons for running the Boilermaker. One is to continue challenging myself to do something difficult and out of my comfort zone.  I’m not the fastest runner and won’t be setting any world records, but I am going out there and doing something I would normally never do.

The second reason is to support Food Bank of Central New York. Working at Food Bank as a Nutrition Educator, I have the opportunity to be out in the community teaching adults and children on healthy eating. I meet so many different people and experience things I never would have if I didn’t work for Food Bank.  Seeing firsthand families struggling to have enough food right here in Central New York makes me want to help communities as much as I can. I am honored to represent Food Bank and help support thousands of families through this charity bib.

If you are able, please donate to help support Food Bank of Central New York! Thank you so much!