Sharon Morrison - Boilermaker Charity Bib Page

July 13th, 8:00 am - 10:00 am

I am extremely lucky to have the time and resources (and food!) to enjoy my running (and biking and swimming) hobby.  Races and other events give me the motivation I need to get through the tough workouts and live the happy, healthy life that I enjoy.  I know that races can’t happen without the support of the communities in which they happen.  So, each year I pick one event to use to help give back to the local area.  I elected to support the Food Bank of Central New York because they help address a critical need in our society. 

1 out of every 5 kids living in the United States struggles with hunger. They live in households headed by parents who are either struggling to find work or have jobs that don't pay enough money to meet the family's basic needs. Our safety net of programs to help these families through times of crisis until they can stand on their own feet is being drastically eroded, resulting in increased dependence on local food pantries to help fill the void for food.  Food pantries across the nation were slammed by increased need for services when our country fell into an economic recession, and the recovery has yet to reach food pantry doors. Lines remain long; programs continue to serve even more clients than at the start of the recession due to cuts to food stamps and stagnant wages. Food banks need our contributions so that they can help deflect some of the problem, helping families have the food they need to continue to work and learn in school.