St. Patrick Hunger Project

The 2013 Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade Hunger Project resulted in more than 10,000 meals to our friends and neighbors in Central New York. Cash donations from the Hunger Project are used to distribute nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables to the emergency food network. These foods help those seeking emergency food assistance maintain a healthier diet. Thank you to all for this very successful effort.

The mission of the St. Patrick Hunger Project is to help support our community network of hunger-related agencies in meeting the food needs of the individuals and families they serve. By educating Central New Yorkers about An Gorta Mor in Ireland (The Great Hunger), the Hunger Project hopes to focus the efforts of our community on the need here to fight hunger all year, especially during the months of February and March when food supplies are lower.

During the famine years in Ireland one-million men, women, and children starved to death while resources were available that could have prevented one of the worst tragedies in history. In our own community, we have the resources to make a difference and help ensure that no individual goes hungry in Syracuse.

Thank you for supporting the Food Bank through the Syracuse St. Patrick Hunger Project and throughout the year.

Visit the St. Patrick Hunger Project website.