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Food $en$e is designed to increase self-sufficiency by helping individuals stretch their food dollars. The Food Bank is able to purchase food items in large quantities at discounted prices, and these savings are passed on to the program's customers. The Food Bank operates this service with more than 40 sites in a 11 county area.

Monthly Food $en$e packages are created by the Food Bank and a newsletter is generated and distributed to each site coordinator. The coordinators are responsible for taking orders from customers, placing the order to the Food Bank and distributing the packages on a specific date. The monthly newsletter includes information for the coordinators, the current month's Food $en$e package, the projected package for the following month, and recipes using food items from the unit. A food package contains 10-12 items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and staple food items.

Anyone wishing to stretch their food dollars can participate. The cost of the package is $20.50 and participants pre-pay with cash or EBT card. Food $en$e packages are available to participants at the end of each month.


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Pick-up Dates:

Check with your site for local deadlines.

Please remember that sites cannot hold any packages after the scheduled pick-up time. If you have a conflict, give your receipt to a friend and they may claim the package for you. If you have any questions, please speak to the site volunteers when you sign up. Thank you.

Program Coordinators

Food $en$e Coordinators can access downloads and forms here.

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View our current monthly Food $en$e Newsletter below. Earlier monthly newsletters can viewed in our archives.



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