Bond volunteers help out at Food Bank

July 12, 2012 at 8:44 AM

On June 27th, staff from Bond, Schoeneck and King volunteered at Food Bank of Central New York’s distribution center as part of the law firm’s Bond Community Service Day.  The initiative sent volunteers to charities and community organizations throughout central New York.    

The volunteers participated in the sorting and packaging of non-perishable food items acquired by Food Bank as part of the agency’s Grocery Rescue Program.  The program gathers donated goods daily from over thirty participating stores throughout the region.  Lightly damaged goods, such as dented cans, are brought to the Food Bank to be inspected, sorted, and packaged for distribution to families and individuals in need.  At this stage of the process, a helping hand from the community becomes very valuable.  Bill Michaels is the Product Distribution manager at Food Bank, and he is responsible for overseeing the daily flow of goods through the warehouse.  According to Michaels, “The process of sorting this food and getting it ready to distribute to the people who need it can be pretty labor intensive.  To have a well-organized group like the volunteers from Bond, Schoeneck & King come in and give us a hand helps the process along immensely. “

Five volunteers lent a hand at Food Bank: Philip Frankel, Karen Kretschmann, Susan LaBrake, Kim Rahrle and Jeanne Veaudry.  They represented only a portion of the nearly 200 staff participating in the law firm’s fourth Community Service Day, but the impact their efforts have will be significant.  Food Bank of Central New York distributes over twenty six thousand meals per day to families and individuals who would otherwise go without. This is only possible through the continued support of community members, exemplified by the team from Bond, Schoeneck and King.