Hunger Bear

Do your part to help fight hunger.

Every day, families across Central and Northern New York are unsure of where their next meal will come from. Elderly that are on a fixed income struggle with the rising cost of groceries. Children can’t concentrate in school because their stomachs are not full. Created in conjunction with Eric Mower and Associates, the Hunger Bear campaign makes the message clear that there are many Central and Northern New Yorkers who often don’t have food enough to fill their family’s bellies.

 Hunger Bear represents the thousands of people in Central and Northern New York that have to deal with hunger each and every day and he is waiting for you to do your part to fill the hole that is left by hunger.

With your help, the Food Bank of Central New York is able to provide the food for over 21,000 meals each day. For over 25 years, the Food Bank has continued to work tirelessly to provide nutritious food to anyone in need. By purchasing a Hunger Bear, you are bringing us one step closer to eliminating hunger in Central and Northern New York.

About Hunger Bear

A familiar face has been seen around the community as he continues to tug at the hearts of Central and Northern New Yorkers looking to help fight hunger. Hunger Bear, the adorable teddy bear with a hole in his belly, remains the Food Bank’s mascot this year. His message is short and simple: helping to fill the bellies of your neighbors in need is as important this year as it has ever been.

The great thing about Hunger Bear is that his message calls for the community to do their part. Whether you can donate food, funds or time, you can do your part to ‘fill the hole’ left by hunger.

If Hunger Bear could speak, here’s what he would ask: “How will YOU fill the hole left by hunger?”

Hunger Bear For Sale


The Food Bank of Central New York has adopted Hunger Bear as our official mascot and messenger – he helps us to explain the hunger issue and how our community can take action against it. 

Now you can show your commitment to fighting hunger by purchasing your own cute and cuddly Hunger Bear. 

Your purchase of Hunger Bear supports our many programs that feed children.

Hunger Bear is 7” high, and has a removable belly that shows how you can fill the hole that is left by hunger. This is the perfect gift and teaching opportunity for your kids, grandkids, students or other youth groups.


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