Virtual Food Drive

Your donation goes further through the
Food Bank of Central New York's Virtual Food Drive!

We purchase food at wholesale prices and at deep discounts through local and national wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and farmers. This coupled with our efficient distribution model, a gift through the Virtual Food Drive will provide more food than through a traditional food drive. For each $1 you donate, we will be able to provide enough food for 2.3 meals!

We thank our many media partners for their support of our Virtual Food Drive. Because of their efforts, we are able to continue to provide nutritious food throughout our 11 county service area.

SpaghettiSauce.png PeanutButter.png TunaFish.png

Spaghetti Sauce

1 case = 12 cans

Food Bank Cost: $7.60

Retail: $12.80

Peanut Butter

1 case = 12 jars

Food Bank Cost: $17.25

Retail: $29.80

Tuna Fish

1 case = 48 cans

Food Bank Cost: $34.10

Retail: $47.52

How is this possible? Because we are acquiring food on such a large scale — more than 12 million pounds each year — we can achieve savings that the average shopper cannot. At the Food Bank, 96 cents of every dollar goes directly to hunger relief, so you can trust us to make your charitable gifts help the most people possible.

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