Holiday Donations

This holiday season will be different for everyone and we care about your safety, as well as the safety of those we serve throughout our 11 county service area. To ensure the continued safety of our clients, we are thorough in what food product we accept. 

1. We can only accept perishable donations from qualified cold chain managers (vendors, retailers, food handlers, etc.).
We don't accept turkey donations (fresh or frozen) from the general public at Food Bank of Central New York. 

2. We are forbidden from making exceptions to this policy by numerous food safety regulations.

3. If you wish to support the Food Bank, please consider donations of funds or non-perishable items as well as volunteering.
You can find a list of preferred non-perishable food items here and volunteers can sign up to assist us here

The details noted above must also be met and maintained by all partner agencies to ensure safe storage and handling of food at the agency level. We thank you for your support of our mission during this holiday season and throughout this pandemic.

To make a food donation or learn more, contact Peter Ricardo, Product Donations Manager, at (315) 437-1899 ext. 233.