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Conference Agenda

Keynote Speaker

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Barbie Izquierdo, Founder of Community Driven Consulting LLC.

Barbie Izquierdo is a Puerto Rican and Cuban-American activist & consultant with lived expertise trailblazing in the movement of lived experiences to fight the exploitation of people of color who have been affected by public policy. As the 2022 Global Citizen Prize Award USA winner, she is the first person representing the United States to win the award for her work demanding equity and defeating poverty. Barbie is an expert on food insecurity and other social justice issues, an advocate and organizer providing technical support regarding the engagement and inclusion of people with lived expertise. With a background of 14 years in this work, she has shared insight and stories regarding poverty, included in the call-to-action documentary “A Place at the Table”. She has used her lived experience and advocacy journey as a catalyst for policy change. Her mission is to help uplift dignity and bring equity into the frameworks used by policymakers, non-profit organizations, and government entities that decide the fate and “how-to” for low-income communities. Finally, Ms. Izquierdo takes pride in providing impactful public speaking driven by vulnerability, truth, and authenticity to empower and motivate thought leaders and organizations to action.


Think you know about SNAP? The Outreach Team has a challenge for you. We will be hosting a Jeopardy-style informational session to discuss SNAP and the often-asked questions about the program. Join us to test your knowledge and gain some insight into the program designed to help stretch food dollars. Be able to go back to your agencies and drop some knowledge when clients ask about one of the best safety net programs in the state and the country.

Trauma Informed Nutrition Security

Recognizing the relationship between adversity, chronic disease and nutritional health can increase the understanding that many behaviors which may seem ineffective or unhealthy are in fact an individual’s adaptive response to traumatic experiences from the past. In this session the Nutrition Team will discuss what trauma is, how it impacts people’s relationship with food, and what is trauma informed nutrition security. 

Partner Meetings

During this break out session, Food Bank will host round-table discussions groups by three of the main partner agency service types: food pantry, meal sites; and youth programs. Take this opportunity to talk with peers about operational topics related to running emergency food programs. 

Meet the Network

Do you have a minute or three? During this session, join other conference attendees one on one to learn about what they do in their food programs and their community. A great way to hear about the success and challenges of other programs and make new friends! 

Introduction to Service Insights

During the next few years, Food Bank of Central New York will be introducing Service-Insights® to our small part of the world. This robust project, championed by Feeding America, will implement tools for collecting intake information electronically. Join Food Bank staff coordinating this project to learn about this exciting no-cost digital platform that will simplify the intake process at your program and give you data based insights into the services you provide.

Retail Rescue Program

Food waste in the United States is a prominent issue, with the EPA estimating the total at a staggering 15 million tons per year coming from the food retail sector. When considered alongside the problem of food insecurity, it becomes a confounding paradox: Why are we throwing away so much when there is so much need? Food Bank, along with a growing number of grocery and retail stores in Central New York, has a system in place that rescues and distributes quality food to the people who need it the most. The Retail Partnership Program creates a sustainable solution to one aspect of the food waste/food insecurity contradiction, and the program’s rapid growth has made it essential to Food Bank operations.

Food Bank Strategic Plan 2022-2027

During this seminar, Food Bank’s Executive Director Karen Belcher will talk about the process and results of developing and adopting 5 years, 17 goal strategic plan. Join Karen as she talks about Food Bank’s role, and the network’s role, in fighting hunger and ending food insecurity in central and northern New York.

New to the Program: A New Coordinator Seminar

Are you a new volunteer or staff person in the food program? Do you want to know more about food insecurity and what partner agencies can do to help in the fight against hunger? Join Food Bank’s Agency Relations team as they provide a deep look at cause and effects of food insecurity, and how to leverage your partnership with Food Bank to be impactful in your communities. 

Best Practices for Emergency Food Programs

What are best practices for emergency food programs? What have you done to overcome a barrier or challenge in operating an emergency food program? How can best practices help your food program adapt to socio-economic changes in the community? In this seminar you’ll sample some best practices from around the country as we have conversations about challenges we face daily in our food programs and share your food program successes.