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Client Choice

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Client Choice

Client Choice allows food pantry clients to provide input about the foods they are receiving instead of receiving a pre-packaged or standard bag of groceries. With this method, clients do not have to take items they already have, do not like, or cannot eat for health and/or personal reasons. There are multiple levels of client choice. Which level of choice are you? Check out the different levels of choice below to see what level your agency is:

Full Client Choice:

Food pantry set up like a mini supermarket. Guest touch and select their own foods, making selections such as brands, container types (canned/boxed or frozen vs. canned)

  • Clients can shop like a grocery store
  • Clients select items from tables, like at a farmers’ market

Modified Client Choice:

Clients can choose from a menu OR clients tell volunteers what they want and the volunteers select and bag/box the foods for the clients.

  • Pantry has a prepared list; clients indicate their preferences.

  • Pantry has a prepared list; clients select from the exact items that are available from that list. 
  • Pantry prepares some basic boxes, but clients select the remaining items from either a list OR from tables.

Limited Client Choice:

Choices offered between different types of pre-packaged bags and boxes OR limited choice (five or less) selection items.

  • Pantry prepares a variety of boxes; clients make a selection from multiple box types.

  • Pantry prepares packages with an additional five or less options for clients to choose from.

For questions, contact the Food Bank's Agency Relations team at (315) 437-1899.