Forms & Resources

COVID-19 Helpful Resources:
Available Oswego County Catholic Charity Resources
COVID-19 Food Distribution Site Cleaning Guidance
Food Dating Guide
Food Safety Steps
Oswego County Opportunities - Health Insurance Information
Steps To Deter Coronavirus
Steps To Deter Coronavirus (Spanish)

2020-2021 Client Intake Forms:
TEFAP Income Guidelines
TEFAP Intake Form
TEFAP MFP Intake Form
Language ID Tool

Agency Operations Forms:
Temperature Log 
Fresh Foods Sign In
Volunteer Sign In
Partner Agency Change of Information Form
Monthly Service Tally Sheet
Partner Agency Site Visit Checklist
Food Safety Training Guide

Agency Sign Package:
Agency Bill of Rights 
Fresh Foods Site Bill of Rights
Fresh Foods Guest Bill of Rights
Guest Bill of Rights 
Guest Bill of Rights - Spanish
TEFAP Written Notice of Beneficiary Rights
Food Pantry Statement of Services
Partner Agency & Guest Bill of Rights

Food Safety:
Food Keeper App
Food Keeper Brochure
Shelf Life of Common Food Bank Products
The Color of Meat & Poultry
Keep Your Food Safe During Emergencies

Partner Agency Feedback Form

Retail Partnership Agreement:
Retail Partnership Application 

HPNAP Capital Equipment & Operation Support Grant Forms:
HPNAP Capital Equipment Transfer/Disposal Form
2020-2021 HPNAP Important Dates Chart
2020-2021 HPNAP Operations Support & Eligible Expenses Chart
2020-2021 HPNAP Terms & Conditions

Important Documents for Operation Seed Grant Awardees:
2018 - 2019 Seed Grant Eligible Expenses, Required Documentation & Due Dates
2018 - 2019 Seed Grant Documentation Submission Form
Vegetable Conversion Chart
Fruit Conversion Chart