Agency Web Ordering


All orders are due by 12:00 pm three business days prior to a scheduled delivery and one business day prior to pick ups. Produce can be added by 12:00 pm up to one business day prior for deliveries.


For partner agencies that choose to pick up orders from the Food Bank, there are certain criteria that must be followed to ensure all orders stay on schedule and the food is safely transported. Food Bank of Central New York asks agencies that pick up from the Food Bank to: 

  • Bring vehicle(s) large enough to accommodate the size of the order.
  • Bring enough volunteers/personnel to assist with loading the order into the vehicle(s).   
  • Review and accept the pick up the order within the designated thirty minute appointment window.   

If your agency is unable to load your pick up order within the designated appointment time, your agency will be charged a restocking fee. Please share this information with all staff and/or volunteers that order or pick up from the Food Bank.


Order Minimum:

  • A minimum of 40 cases per delivery order.
  • At least 20 cases of each delivery order must be Wholesale (WH) and/or Value Added Product (VAP) products. Please note: this does not include VAP water.

Food Bank staff will notify agencies one business day before delivery with an anticipated time frame our drivers may arrive. Please use this time to prepare your location for delivery.

  • Have all outdoor entrances, sidewalks, and driveways clear.
  • Keep at least two parking spaces open for trucks to unload. Cones or other indicators to mark designated delivery areas are very helpful.
  • Keep indoor hallways clear and properly lit.
  • Have extra volunteers or staff available to accept deliveries. Food Bank drivers cannot bring product up or down stairs.

Please be prepared to sign off on your inventory sheet upon delivery and provide a copy to the Food Bank driver. If your agency needs to reschedule a delivery or a pick up due to inclement weather, please call us as soon as possible. If we are closed or have a snow delay, announcements will be posted on the Food Bank website, social media networks, and local news closing lists.


Before placing an order, please review the following items:

Delivery Calendar
Food Recall Policy
Recent Product Updates
Download the Agency Express User Guide

Agency Express is a powerful web-based tool sponsored by Feeding America and TechBridge that will help you shop for and manage your Food Bank orders online. You can use Agency Express to search for items, view item details, send orders to the Food Bank, and review the status of your orders. 

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Important Note: If you are planning to use other funding to pay for orders and would like us to NOT cover your invoice with any of the awarded grants on your account at the Food Bank, please type “Do not apply grants” in the comments section of your order. This will turn off all grants on your account and you will be sent the full bill for the order.