Agency Web Ordering

To place an order through Agency Express, please click here

For Delivery

  • The standard 3 business days by noon is required for all orders for delivery.

A minimum order of 40 cases (20 wholesale minimum + 20 Donated, VAP, USDA or Wholesale Cases are required for a delivery). Water is not counted in the delivery eligibility case count. 

For Pick-Up

  • The standard 1 business day by noon is required for all pick-ups.

There are no minimum requirements for orders placed for pick-up at our warehouse.

Other Available Resources

September through October Delivery Calendar
October through November Delivery Calendar
November through December Delivery Calendar
Food Recall Policy
Recent Product Updates

Thank you for partnering with Food Bank of Central New York and thank you for all of your hard work to help alleviate hunger in our communities during this challenging time. Working together, we will get through this.

Please direct any questions to or (315) 437-1899 ext. 256.